Tower SR111 quotes

I respectfully choose not to quote relatives of victims. But here's how this 'Tower' looks from the ground.


"No matter how hard we try, no matter how much love and support we receive, there are times, deeply painful times . . . when we must confess that we are powerless. This is one of those times." - Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

"We were all expecting at any moment we'd hear or see a cluster of survivors in lifeboats. That was the way it was supposed to happen." - Chief Petty Officer Lee Brown, HMCS Ville de Quebec

"What we seen, it wasn't a nice thing. I think of it always. I don't think I'll ever get the better of it." - Ray Boutilier, St. Margarets Bay tour boat operator who worked on the rescue effort

"I had buried my dad . . . and I could relate to how some of these families were feeling. The most difficult thing was that I had a whole body to bury and these families didn't have much of their loved ones." - Christine Homan, CARE team

"What amazed me was all the people who volunteered to help." - Paul Tiffan, Liaison, Ramada Inn/JFK/Halifax

"It was very personal. It has changed me in the way I look at tragedies. Instead of thinking, 'Oh, isn't that a shame', I have become more pro-active." - Annemarie Laidlaw, CARE team, New York

"I take away somewhat inspiring memories of how people pull together and put aside their personal concerns and really throw themselves into doing something good." - John Anderson, SR Accident Coordinator, Halifax


And where did I hear the phrase "our unrehearsed selves"?

Sorry for any bad translations to follow:


"I was working that night, and I had to be the one to raise the alarm. . . . Through my job, I was the one who, for many people, was the bearer of this horrible news. It showed me that no one is prepared for such events." - Martin Burri, Operations Control Center, Swissair Zurich

"Not only were many people taken in death, but also a piece of myself crashed; a piece of my belief in what I get up and go to work for every morning. . . . It has also been shown to me that it is not a matter of course that everything always goes good." - Bettina Holzer, Customer Service Manager, Swissair Zurich

"I still work on the machines, also on the MD-11. I also still have fullest trust in the technicians, even though no one knows the cause [of the crash] yet. The single positive aspect of such an event, from a technical view, is that one works more carefully and checks everything better, and improves the safety measures." - Fritz Hanni, SR Technics Zurich

"It means for me that I face problems more calmly. Difficulties which would have aggravated me horribly in the past, I see today in a whole other dimension." - Kurt Senn, Hubcontrol, Swissair Zurich

"My husband and I cross the Atlantic four times a year with Swissair. It made me realize that life can be gone in a snap, and makes me want to spend more worthwhile moments--especially with my husband, in the time that we do have." - Stacey Fingerle, Zurich Altstetten


Not one person quoted here knew any of the actual victims personally, but wouldn't you say these are 'Tower experiences'? Mostly?


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