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Subject: Rosemary

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COMMON NAME (English/German): Rosemary/Rosemarin
LATIN NAME: Rosemarinus officinalis
TYPE OF PLANT: perennial evergreen

SYMBOLISM: remembrance, friendship, love

MYTHS/LEGENDS: If a rosemary bush grows vigorously in a garden, a woman heads the household. In ancient Greece, students wore rosemary garlands while studying for exams, believing the herb would improve their memory.

MAGICKAL: Placed under a pillow, rosemary wards off demons and prevents bad dreams. Tapping a fresh sprig of rosemary against the finger of a loved one secures his or her affection.

MEDICINAL: for headaches, insomnia, nervous disorders and digestive ailments
bath: Rosemary contains volatile oil that gets the blood flowing. A bath is stimulating and refreshing.
cosmetic: Adds a pleasant and refreshing scent to soaps, creams, lotions, etc. A rosemary rinse will brighten brunette hair. Steep a sprig in one cup of water for 5-10 minutes and use after shampooing.
EDIBLE: Flavor harmonizes with poultry, fish, lamb, beef, veal, pork and game, particularly in their roasted forms. Enhances tomatoes, spinach, peas, mushrooms, squash, cheese, eggs, lentils. Complements chives, thyme, chervil, parsley and bay in recipes.
Herb butter--combine 2 tsp. rosemary with a half-cup of softened unsalted butter
Herb vinegar--rosemary, raisins, orange peel, garlic with white wine vinegar.
Tea blend--lemongrass, rosemary and thyme


HARVESTING AND STORAGE: Cut 4-inch pieces from the tips of the branches. Do not remove more than 20% of the growth at a time. Freeze whole sprigs.

ETC.: Sachets repels moths. Makes yellow-green dye.

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