Herbs: Parsley



Subject: Parsley

Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 11:43:50 +0100 ***

COMMON NAME (English/German): Parsley/Peterlie (Petersilie)
LATIN NAME: Petroselinum crispum
TYPE OF PLANT: biennial

SYMBOLISM: merriment

MYTHS/LEGENDS: Parsley sprang up where the blood of the Greek hero Archemorus was spilled when he was eaten by serpents. The Greeks used the herb to make wreaths for graves.

MAGICKAL deities: Hercules

MEDICINAL: For digestive problems, bad breath, water retention and kidney problems. Contains vitamins A and C, several Bs, calcium and iron. Pregnant women should avoid parsley oil and refrain from eating large quantities of parsley.

EDIBLE: Herb vinegar--sage, parsley, shallots with red wine vinegar; fennel leaf, garlic, parsley with white wine vinegar


HARVESTING AND STORAGE: Frozen parsley is superior to home-dried.

ETC.: Parsley is yummy!

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