ALTERNATE NAMES: Spear King, King of Rods, Staves, etc.

BASIC DESCRIPTION (RW): The king sits profiled on his throne, on top of a (cement?) slab in the middle of the desert. A lizard stands on the slab. His throne reaches above the top border of the card, and is decorated with lions and ouroboros lizards. There are no arm rests on the throne. The king's lizard-covered cape is thrown open to reveal his left fist. In his right hand, he holds his wand. His necklace also appears to be the head of a lion. His crown of bright yellow features ascending flames.
The way his cape is thrown open, and he looks like he's ready to spring. Also, the stray lizard looking up at him.
fiery red, orange and yellow; big blue sky; leafy green

UPRIGHT TRAITS AND MEANINGS: Air of Fire: Sun--steady force of energy. (Crowley)
"A Renaissance man, practical and imaginative, active and contemplative, forceful and chivalrous" (Williams). A
powerful and commanding leader; man of natural prowess and authority; bold, fierce, fearless, courageous, intrepid, ambitious, assertive, forceful, headstrong, tenacious, adventurous, strong and swift. Energetic, passionate man of high ideals and principles; intensely noble and essentially just; honest and conscientious; a gentleman, man of character, role model, bridge-builder; earns respect and willing compliance; natural warmth and fiery enthusiasm; confident, inspiring, exciting, friendly, devoted, generous. Vivid personality, charisma; magnetic attraction; focus of attention, sanguine, popular, proud, theatrical; may be an extravagant boaster. Creative, innovative, original, strategic mastermind; natural artistic ability; self-expression for useful purposes. "Sometimes inclined to act on impulse; sometimes easily led by external influences; sometimes, especially in trifles, a prey to indecision. Sees both sides of every question" (Crowley).
Carpe diem. Willingness to take chances when the stakes are high; confronting opposition directly; engaging fully in life's challenges; not needing others' approval;
courage of convictions; brave deeds, endurance; intensity. Attraction to nature, agriculture, and the country.

ALSO: "The card always signifies honesty, and may mean news concerning an unexpected heritage to fall in before very long." (Waite) "Appreciation of the lessons and pleasures of life. Worldliness in the best sense" (Williams). "Out of the darkness, into the light" (Ziegler). Setting standards. Good marriage. Career move.

REVERSED TRAITS AND MEANINGS: A severe, unyielding man, strict in his judgments; intolerant of other people's weaknesses; mercenary, antagonistic, threatening, ruthless, impatient, hot-tempered, impetuous, empty boaster, arrogant, pompous, egocentric, selfish, greedy, stubborn and willful. Possibility of opposition or quarrel. Lack of diplomacy. Complacency and idleness. Excessive and exaggerated ideas.

ALSO: Coward. Deceptive business practices. Pipe dreams.

BIBLICAL: King David--"And David was dancing around before Jehovah with all his power, all the while David being girded with an ephod of linen. And David and all the house of Israel were bringing up the ark of Jehovah with joyful shouting and sound of horn."--2 Samuel 6:14-15
Prince Richard was the first Christian prince of Europe to take the cross. "Richard's prowess and courage in battle earned him the nickname Coeur De Lion ("heart of the lion"), but the training of his mother [Eleanor of Aquitaine]'s court is revealed in a verse Richard composed during his german captivity." http://www.britannia.com/history/monarchs/mon27.html
Selected quotes about why I chose Richard I as King of Wands.

ANIMAL; INSECT: lion; lizard or salamander
pine tree

BOOK: Warriors of God by James Reston, Jr.
Sean Connery, who is featured on the Cosmic Tarot King of Wands. Funny coincidence too, since he played King Richard in Robin Hood.
Also, Aleister Crowley, but only after reading what he had to say about this card.
Pool player, conductor/band leader, writer (TdM); emergency services and investigative or combat journalism (Huets); politics, communities, management, focalizer, charities, business. (Matthews)

PEOPLE OR SITUATIONS IN MY LIFE: Can't think of any. Other, perhaps, than my need to be more assertive.

QUOTES FROM OTHER SOURCES: Courage is not the absence of fear, but the conquest of it.


by Julie Cuccia-Watts

Another very regal Staves court card from Ancestral Path. But I can't help wondering how these people can wear these huge crowns, and still carry themselves with dignity. I'd be falling over.

As the head of the Staves family, the King incorporates the best and highest of their traits. He has the same bold courageousness and the Knight, but his impulsiveness is tempered with wisdom and foresight. He is expressive like the Princess, but for more useful, practical purposes. He's as social and charismatic as the Queen, but with ambition. (Social climber?)

The pharoanic King of Staves holds a crook and flail, showing that he can both confidently guide and forcefully drive his subjects. His natural prowess and authority make him a powerful and commanding leader, inspiring others to willing compliance. He is imaginative enough to come up with good ideas, and practical enough to be able to implement them. Tall and handsome, strong and courageous, yet also chivalrous and principled. He commands respect, both for himself and others--even his enemies.

OTOH, he can think a little too much of himself, tending toward arrogance, and intolerance of what he sees as others' weaknesses. He can be severe, strict and even cruel. And very stubborn!

by Kipling West

The imp looks with interest at the cat, who looks with interest at the salamander. But the King is ignoring the whole thing. He's got more important things on his mind.

The first thing that struck me about this card is that the King is ready to jump up off his throne. He's the type of king who rides in *front* of the ones he is leading, rather than directing them from the safety of the rear. He leads by setting an outstanding example. He'll roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, jump in and help with even the most menial tasks. He's a construction company owner who still lays bricks; a restaurant manager who will do dishes; a father changing diapers; etc. He doesn't want to be stuck at a desk. But he's willing to accept the obligations that keep him there.

I remember a few bosses who were like that--seeing the greater good, and how to serve it. If you're at work, you might as well work, you know. I can think of too many examples, both private and public, so I'd better not get started.

The King of Imps doesn't have "down time" at work; he's always doing something. But once work is left behind, he knows how to relax and enjoy, with spring lamb and new potatoes, and exactly the right wine.


Coeur de Lion

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