In that year

We had an intense visitation

of energy




When radio dark night existed

& assumed control, & we rocked in its web

consumed by static, & stroked w/fear

we were drawn down long from

a deep sleep, & awaken'd

at dayfall by worried guardeners

& made to be led thru dew wet

jungle to the swift summit, o'er looking

The sea. . . .



A vast radiant beach & a cool

jewelled moon, Couples naked

race down by its quiet side &

we laugh like soft mad children,

smug in the wooly cotton brains

of infancy.


The music & voices are all around us.


Choose, They croon

The ancient ones

The time has come again

Choose now, They croon

Beneath the moon

Beside an ancient lake


Enter again the sweet forest

Enter the hot dream, come w/us

Everything is broken up

& dances

Text by Jim Morrison; art by William Blake.
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