September 04, 1999

The memorials are over, the monuments dedicated, the remains buried. Events held to remember what can never be forgotten. So many lives lost, so many lives changed forever. The closing of the traditional year of mourning has been marked, but nothing is closed, and everything marked. The Three of Swords (III) is still an appropriate image for the crash of Swissair 111. The lightning-struck Tower sent 229 souls into the Abyss, and the aftermath is Sorrow.

Many of the family and friends of those on board the flight feel heartbreak, loneliness and betrayal. Others have been touched as well. Rescue and recovery workers, who will have to live with horrid memories. Investigative and government people, who are hopefully shaken to the core. Technicians devastated by remorse. Passengers thinking it could just as easily been them or their loved ones. Amazing how many people can be affected by such a short moment in time.

I see it as a triple tragedy.

And now there's so much discussion about how unsafe it really is to fly. It s*cks that it takes something like this to draw attention to some really frightening issues. I'm glad there are people raising their voices about it. I pray that they can bring about change for the better. I have to get on a plane and cross the Atlantic four times a year. Otherwise, I don't get to see my family. I don't want to do it in fear. Hmmm, maybe I should DO something about it. (How 'bout you?)

Meantime, what everyone can do is pray. The things I pray for regularly are also triple.

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