Greetings from

the Fingerles


Hope your new year is starting off well!


Our lives seem to have settled into a standard seasonal rotation now. As parents, there are no more hand-gliding adventures or weekends in London! Instead we have our regular spring and fall vacations to Florida, Mathis' fishing week in June, family reunion in October. And of course . . . Leah's birthday. For her third, we celebrated three times, with a family dinner, BBQ with friends, and a kid's party in the cellar. Mathis worked so hard to fix up a little bike he found. He painted it pink, and she stuck butterfly stickers on it, and now it's the "Love Bike" (i.e. made with love).

No heat waves last summer, but Mathis and Leah got a few chances to swim in the lake. Way too cold for me, at 20°C/70°F in high summer! We had a great party on Swiss National Day, August 1st, and Leah got to stay up for the fireworks for the first time. Poor thing, she was so overwhelmed--but she had a good time.

We had some landscaping done, and began to make outdoor alterations around our home. We made a small fenced sitting area above the garden, with a great view over the lake. The whole family pitched in to make it, but it's really Mama's reading haven in summer. Our garden didn't do so well this year, between the bad weather and depleted soil. We're hoping the major dose of fertilizer we gave it in fall will bring even bigger and better collards in 2005!

Leah got to attend her first circus, and at least the jugglers held her attention for a few minutes. Mathis and I got to enjoy another "big people" circus, and survivied yet another awesome Metallica show.

The recent darkest days of winter were brightened with a variety of festivities--most of which included tasty goodies! Fortunately, I have two neighbors who come exercise with me once a week, and bring their daughters. The three girls are the same age (within two months). We are all also involved in mother & kid exercise classes at the gym, which is basically 50 ways to play tag. Leah has a blast running around the gym.

I don't want to take up too much space bragging about our healthy, adorable, genius child. I'll just share the high points, and tell that she can speak Swiss-German now. She is great with letters and numbers--can count to 100 in English and 20 in German, can write the whole alphabet on her own, and has a particular interest in L, E, A and H!

Love always,
Stacey, Mathis and Leah

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