Welcome to my Halloween page--a tribute to my favorite holiday! Ooh, that scary feeling!


Welcome to my humble haunt! Join me as I carve the jack-o-lantern, participate in a witches' ceremony, throw the victim in the dungeon , check out a spooky costume and discover 10 reasons why trick-or-treating could be better than sex!

Then we'll see what's brewing in Hecuba's cauldron (pumpkin soup), fly with the night gaunts, get to know the Wickedest Man in the World, visit my ghoul friends in their permanent homes, learn some survival tips, and encounter some other weird and wicked sites. During the Halloween season, people are always searching for the scariest, prettiest, funniest and/or craziest Halloween costumes they can find. Make sure you have fun during this time of year, escaping into whatever alter-ego you decide to take on!.


The Great Pumpkin

Kitchen Witch


Trick or Treat

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Night Gaunts

Wickedest Man
in the World

Permanent Home

Survival Tips


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 Dead & Buried's (aka Ben & Jerry's)

 The Ultimate Halloween Page
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Last updated: October 2008