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SciFi/Fantasy  added: 03/28/11  

Hunters of Dune

Herbert, Brian and Anderson, Kevin J.
Tor, August 2006; 542 pages; cover price $7.99 ASIN: 076535148X cover

At the end of Frank Herberrt's final novel, Chapterhouse: Dune, a ship carrying refugees escapes into the uncharted galaxy, fleeing from the monstrous Honored Matres, dark counterparts to the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. To strengthen their forces, the fugitives have used genetic technology to revive key figures from Dune's past--including Paul Maud'Dib, Lady Jessica, Stilgar, Thufir Hawat, and even Dr. Wellington Yueh. Each of these characters will use their special talents to meet the challenges thrown at them.
Failure is unthinkable--not only is their survival at stake, but they hold the fate of the entire human race in their hands ...
Hunters of Dune is based directly on Frank Herbert's final outline, which lay hidden in two safe-deposit boxes for a decade. This volume will finally answer the urgent questions Dune fans have been debating for two decades.

9.6 oz

SciFi/Fantasy  added: 12/30/11  

Towers of Midnight

Jordan, Robert and Brandon Sanderson
Orbit 2011; 959 pages; cover price £8.99; ISBN 9781841498690 ASIN: 1841498696 cover


The Last Battle has started. The seals on the Dark One's Prison are crumbling. The Pattern itself is unravelling, and the armies of the Shadow have begun to spill out of the Blight.

Perrin Aybara is haunted by spectres from his past. To prevail, he must find a way to master the wolf within him or lose himself to it for ever.

Meanwhile, Matrim Cauthon prepares for the most difficult challenge of his life. The Tower of Ghenjei awaits, and its secrets will reveal the fate of a friend long lost.


SciFi/Fantasy  added: 07/20/06  

The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall

McCaffrey, Anne
Corgi, 1994; 284 pages; cover price $4.99 ASIN: 0552139130 cover

Here are five gripping episodes of early Pern--from the very first space survey recommending colonization, to the last, where the early world, its young dragon culture undetected, is condemned to be isolated in space.
Here is the saga of the mass evacuation from the volcanic southern continent, an entire group of people moved across the dangerous seas, guarded and guided by a flotilla of dolphins. Here, too, is the story of the creation of Ruatha Hold--a mammoth undertaking in the early days of Pern.
And here is one of the most fascinating dragon tales ever written by Anne McCaffrey, when Fort Weyr was the only weyr, and when dragonriders and dragons were overcrowded to danger point. As news broke of three fresh weyrs to be established, a young girl, Torene, came to realize that her dragon could be the next Queen of the newly formed Benden Weyr.