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Non-fiction  added: 07/24/06  

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Movies  added: 12/04/06  

Pippi Longstocking

English (dubbed), Region 1, NTSC ASIN: B000A0GYC8 cover

Pippi is so great. She is just so cool, despite being the strongest person in the world, and that her papa gives her suitcases of gold coins, and leaves her at Villa Kunterbund! Party on, Pippi! But watching the films with my daughter, I see one thing I never noticed as a child--Pippi must pick up after herself. Who do you think cleans up after a food fight? The horse? (Well, probably . . .) That's the wonder of the films for me now: a self-sufficient individual with a child's outlook.
My favorite scene is when Pippi goes into a pirate tavern in the South Seas, tosses a couple of guys out the window, and hangs the barkeep on the wall. She never hits people, but she has thrown a few! This is not the modern, cute-inized Disney version.

Children's  added: 12/29/07  

Barnyard Dance

Boynton, Sandra
Workman Publishing Company boardbook; 24 pages; cover price $6.95 ASIN: 1563054426 cover

In Barnyard Dance, farm animals dance a boisterous, breathless, knee-slapping reel called, with great panache, by a fiddle-playing cow: ``Bow to the horse. / Bow to the cow. / Twirl with the pig if you know how.'' This book is too fun and I will hate to part with it.

Children's  added: 12/29/07  

Horns to Toes

Boynton, Sandra
Little Simon boardbook; 14 pages; cover price $5.99 ASIN: 0671493191 cover

In Horns to Toes, children learn about body parts--and not just their own!!!

Children's  added: 12/29/07  

Pajama Time

Boynton, Sandra
Workman Publishing Company boardbook; 24 pages; cover price $6.95 ASIN: 0761119752 cover

Creatures don a variety of sleep outfits before joining a pajama party: "Pull on the bottoms. Put on the top. Get yourself set to pajama-dee-bop--it's Pajama Time!" Everyone finally settles down, the lights are turned out, and hushed wishes are shared for a good night. Boynton's characters are as lovable as ever, all with expressions sure to win over toddlers.

Tarot, books  added: 09/28/06  

Tarot for Self Discovery

Braden, Nina Lee
Llewellyn Publications, July 2002; 168 pages; cover price $12.95 ASIN: 073870170X cover

Like a mirror, the Tarot reflects the pleasure and pain of the human experience. It also reflects the contents of the subconscious mind, the part of each of us that communicates through dreams and hunches, in often cryptic images and symbols.
While the Tarot is commonly used to predict the probable course of future events, it is also an ideal tool for self-discovery. Llewellyn's Sspecial Topics in Tarot series was created in response to an increasing demand for more Tarot books on advanced and specialized topics.
Tarot for Self Discovery is not about learning to perform divination with the Tarot. There are no card meanings or interpretations to be found between these covers. Instead, Tarot for Self Discovery contains over fifty exercises designed to lead you toward greater psychological insight and to facilitate personal and spiritual growth.
Divided into three sections of easy exercises, intermediate exercises, and exercises for special occations, these activities span the breadth of the human experience, from the frivolous (using Tarot to create a joke) to the serious (finding your life purpose or coping with depression and loneliness). If you are ready to delve deeper into your psyche, let the Tarot be your guide to greater self-awareness.

You can read some samples on my Tarot Exercises page.

Occult fiction  added: 07/19/06  


Bulwer-Lytton, Edward
Borgo Press, November 2002; 384 pages; cover price $24.95 ASIN: 1592248411 cover

This book, written in 1842, is one of the finest examples of Spiritual Fiction and influenced the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Divided in seven sections, the fourth, entitled, "The Dweller of the Threshold" is an extremely profound expression of profound occult facts and experiences recognized as true by anyone possessing spiritual insight.

"Love is the Law."
Zanoni is an "immortal" alchemist, a hermit, a spiritual wise one. He struggles between his desire for higher wisdom and his desire for human love. In the end, he willing--*smilingly*--goes to the guillotine to protect his wife and infant. And he is redeemed from all his "unnatural" acts. He sees in the guillotine a rare opportunity, but must (especially) surrender his desire to influence the future of his infant. He has to trust that things will work out the way they're supposed to.
"No greater love hath man than this: that he lay down his life for his brother." Individual love has the opportunity to rise to the level of Divine Love, and personal will aligns with Greater Will.
"Love under Will."

Don't buy the Kessinger version. It's horribly printed (photocopied).--Moonchild

Tarot, books  added: 09/28/06  

Learning the Tarot

Bunning, Joan
Red Wheel/Weiser, October 1998; 320 pages; cover price $14.95 ASIN: 1578630487 cover

Use this book with the popular Waite Deck!

A thorough--but never overwhelming--invitation to the beginner. learn to use the tarot as a tool for inner guidance. Joan Bunning communicates the basic depth and beauty of each card, shows how the cards trigger psychological projection, enhance intuition, and improve communication with your Inner Guide.

This is a "how-to" book with a lesson format--19 lessons begin with the basics and move gradually into the advanced concepts so you can learn at your own pace.
. . .

Learning the Tarot is a living system that will creatively adapt to your specific needs. All that's required is an open mind and a sincere desire as you seek the deeper truths hidden in your life as reflected in the images of the tarot.

The most practical overall Tarot book ever published.--Moonchild

Non-fiction  added: 03/19/07  

Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

Chang, Jung
Touchstone (reprint edition), August 2003; 544 pages; cover price $16 ASIN: 0743246985 cover

In Wild Swans Jung Chang recounts the evocative, unsettling, and insistently gripping story of how three generations of women in her family fared in the political maelstrom of China during the 20th century. Chang's grandmother was a warlord's concubine. Her gently raised mother struggled with hardships in the early days of Mao's revolution and rose, like her husband, to a prominent position in the Communist Party before being denounced during the Cultural Revolution. Chang herself marched, worked, and breathed for Mao until doubt crept in over the excesses of his policies and purges. Born just a few decades apart, their lives overlap with the end of the warlords' regime and overthrow of the Japanese occupation, violent struggles between the Kuomintang and the Communists to carve up China, and, most poignant for the author, the vicious cycle of purges orchestrated by Chairman Mao that discredited and crushed millions of people, including her parents.

Tarot, decks  added: 12/08/06  

Thoth Tarot

Crowley, A. and Harris, F.
Weiser Books, June 1976; cover price $21 ASIN: 0877284520 cover

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