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DVDs  added: 08/18/06  

H.P. Lovecraft Collection Volume 3: Out of Mind

1998 ASIN: B0007VXYDM cover
Tarot  added: 02/21/08  

Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary

St. Martin's Griffin, August 2003; 544 pages; cover price $16.95 ASIN: 0312291280 cover

For hundreds of years, people have turned to the tarot for guidance and focus in seeking answers to life's questions. While millions use the Tarot regularly, much of its history, lore, and sym--bolism remain obscure-making it difficult for the user to get the deepest possible reading. Also, with hundreds of different decks available, drawing on several major traditions, finding the right deck-the one that the Tarot user will find most sym-pa-thetic to their needs, desires, and usage-can become an arduous task. Pictures from the Heart provides hundreds of entries detailing the symbolism of the Tarot, contrasting the various decks on the market, as well as issues, figures, and topics of interest to the Tarot user. For both the experienced and the neophyte user, this tarot dictionary is a long-awaited and essential resource.

Books  added: 08/29/07  

The Last Troubadour: Song of Montsegur

Armstrong, Derek
Kunati Inc., September 2007; 384 pages; cover price $24 ASIN: 1601640102 cover

In this historical thriller set against the rich background of the 13th-century Inquisition, the last living troubadour, condemned by the church as a heretic, must rescue a holy Christian relic from a crusading king. Seamlessly weaving the history of the Cathar Crusade with the historical origins of the Tarot deck, this fascinating, genre-bending epic brings symbols of the Tarot to life through medieval characters—Arnot the Knight Templar as the Chariot, Dame Esclarmonde de Foix as the High Priestess, Nevara as the Magician, Pope Innocent IV as the Hierophant, and Ramon Troubadour as the Fool—to create a richly textured historical fantasy that is suspenseful, humourous, tragic, and satirical by turns.

DVDs  added: 01/09/07  

Dark Shadows DVD Collection 2

Curtis, Dan
4 NTSC DVDs, Region 1, cover price $53.99 ASIN: B000060MVO cover

With its alluring tales of Gothic mystery and supernatural intrigue, Dark Shadows became one of the most popular daytime series of all time. Since first airing on ABC-TV from 1966-71, Dark Shadows has earned the reputation as being one of the most unusual and enduring programs in television history. The character of Barnabas Collins, a guilt-ridden 175 -year-old vampire, brought the show tremendous success.

Barnabas locks the kidnapped Maggie Evans in an Old House basement cell, hoping she will submit to becoming the re-creation of his lost love, Josette. A strange young girl in old-fashioned clothing appears to Maggie and, later, to handyman Willie Loomis , who informs Barnabas she claims to live at the Old House. As Elizabeth Collins Stoddard prepares to marry blackmailer Jason McGuire, she reveals a dark secret to governess Victoria Winters. Posing as an historian, Dr. Julia Hoffman arrives at Collinwood to investigate Maggie's disappearance.
Bonuses include exclusive interviews with series creator and executive producer Dan Curtis and actors Alexandra Moltke, Nancy Barrett, and Dennis Patrick.

Books, Kid's stuff  added: 07/26/06  

Moonchild, Star of the Sea

Elschner, Geraldine and Schwarz, Lieselotte
Michael Neugebauer (North South Books), August 2002; 36 pages; cover price $16.50 ASIN: 0735816654 cover

"A little star sat on a silver moonbeam and gazed down at the earth..."

CDs  added: 11/15/07  


Umvd Labels, August 1998; list price $12.99 ASIN: B00000ADJW cover
Books  added: 08/13/07  

Julian's House

Hawkes, Judith
Signet, 1991; 400 pages; cover price $ ASIN: 0451168879 cover

This suspenseful haunted-house tale--praised by the New York Times for its "passages rich with descriptive beauty, complex with philosophical theorizing and seductive with hard (and tantalizing) information"--is a rich elaboration on the premise of parapsychologists trying to document ghost behavior. In this instance the researchers are a recently married (and sexually repressed) young couple who move their high-tech equipment into a Victorian house with the requisite history of bumps in the night. They are prepared to encounter supernatural phenomena, but not at all prepared to examine their own psyches. When the house starts acting as a sounding board for their neurotic conflicts, it's not clear whether actual ghosts are acting as interactive mirrors, or if the house is simply a big Rorschach inkblot for the projections of a troubled marriage. Judith Hawkes unfolds all the chilling complexity of the puzzle, and leaves readers to draw their own conclusions.

Books  added: 11/17/07  

Team Rodent : How Disney Devours the World

Hiaasen, Carl
Ballantine Books, May 1998; 96 pages; cover price $9.95 ASIN: 0345422805 cover

Let's get one thing straight: Carl Hiaasen doesn't like the Walt Disney Company. Whenever the giant entertainment conglomerate stumbles, as it did with its proposed Civil War theme park in Virginia, Hiaasen cheers. When a rhinoceros mysteriously dies at Disney's new theme park, Animal Kingdom, Hiaasen secretly hopes for the worst, because, as he writes, "no scandal is so delectable as a Disney scandal."

A native of Florida, author of such thrillers as Lucky You and Strip Tease, and a journalist for the Miami Herald, Hiaasen comes by his dislike for Disney honestly. He has witnessed the relentless success of the Disney machine firsthand with the development of Disney World and other properties around Orlando. In Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World, Hiaasen paints a witty and sarcastic portrait in this nonfiction account of a company who can control the press, manipulate local governments, and because it's Disney, get away with it. Team Rodent is a quick, entertaining read that even the most loyal Disney shareholder (except maybe Michael Eisner) will find enlightening and amusing.

Books  added: 02/21/08  

One Makes the Difference: Inspiring Actions that Change our World

Hill, Julia Butterfly
HarperOne, March 2002; 208 pages; cover price $14 ASIN: 0062517562 cover

After her record-breaking two year tree sit, Julia Butterfly Hill has ceaslessly continued her efforts to promote sustainability and ecologically-minded ways to save the old-growth redwoods she acted so valiantly to protect. Here she provides her many young fans with what they yearn for most -- her advice on how to promote change and improve the health of the planet, distilled into an essential handbook. This book will be accessible to school-aged children, while accomodating the audience of parents and teachers who look to Julia as an example of how one person can "change the world." Packed with a variety of charts, diagrams, and interesting factoids, the book will be broken down into a series of steps and easy-to-follow lessons. It will be written broadly so as to accommodate all kinds of activism, though its core focus will be on environmental issues.

CDs  added: 11/13/08  


Jones, Grace
cover price $18.99 ASIN: B001H1OV8S cover

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