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Welcome to my store! Here, I've finally collected all my merchandising efforts into one place. Proceeds from most areas of my store go to the Circle of Life Foundation, which is an human and environmental rights organization. Please visit their web site to learn more about their wonderful efforts and their amazing founder--Miss Julia Butterfly Hill. They will be receiving the commissions from sales in these areas of my store:
  • Faves-->This is the area in which I have the most work yet to do! Lots of listings to add, in many categories.
  • Tarot-->This area is linked to "tarot" searches at Amazon.com. So pardon me if it's returning things that aren't Tarot. I'll be adding lots of stuff to the Faves section, if you want more refined browsing. Or you can do your own search, at the bottom of the page.
  • Tshirts-->This is my CafePress shop storefront. I've already purchased many of these shirts and I can tell you, CafePress delivers the *best* shirts! Comfy, sturdy and good looking! Come have a look at my designs. Even if you're not shopping, you might at least be entertained.
  • Wish list-->HI MOM! HERE IT IS! = >
Other areas are:
  • Used-->I have boxes of used books in my attic that I'd like to sell. At last count, there were about 120. They are all in English, but it's too expensive to ship them from Switzerland to any English-speaking countries. So if you are in Switzerland or nearby--buy a lot, the shipping's cheaper! Proceeds go to cigarettes and chocolate.
  • Fleas-->Homemade and used items other than books for sale.

Thanks for stopping by and, for goodness' sake, buy something! Don't let all this work be for nothing!

One Love All Love,

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