10/18/07  Thursday

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The World

“Wholeness and understanding.” I’m not there yet, but I’m farther than I was a year ago!

I feel the past, present and future when I look at this image. Six thousand years ago, after the glaciers receded, people settled on this land that is now called “Seetal.” They raised sheep. They buried their dead. They built bonfires on the hilltops.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

09/19/07  Wednesday

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3 of Coins  Maat feather

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius–September 19, 2007

There are a couple of things that strike me, both about the card, and the text in the book. But first–what is the model pointing at???

Julie writes about the trio of artist, medium and idea; but there is another trio of artist, model (or muse) and audience. The image reminds me more of the discussions (usually Thoth-centered) about intentions vs. interpretations. My view is that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We all have to interpret images for ourselves, but artists’ intentions can and should be an aid to interpretations. Not, however, the last word. Interpretations aren’t static, but based on the development of knowledge and experience.

I have a recent example from my own life of how creative projects morph and take on a life of their own. It all started with a wall that’s been blank too long and an old cotton mattress cover. First I thought about dividing the cover into three panels and sewing large applique flowers on each. Lots of possibilities, lots of flexibility, and I could have simply cut up some old clothes for material. Then I thought it would be more cool to make four panels–three vertical and one horizontal–and make an image based on the Waite-Smith Moon card. I was amazed at how ideas and materials came to me. Instead of dog and jackal, I had to make Swiss cows grazing. Then of course I would need flowers for the meadow. I’m sure I spent at least a week looking for the right way to do the flowers. I searched the Web for beads and buttons, tried making a few different styles of my own, etc. Then one day I was in a shop about two blocks from my house, and asked if they had any flower-shaped buttons. Voila! The same little daisies that grow in my yard! And when I had to borrow my neighbor’s sewing machine for another task, I discovered a perfect leaf stitch. While looking for the right material to make the moon itself, I realized that a mirror would be better. (My husband has always wanted to buy a mirror for that wall.) And when I finally found a shop that sold little cow bells, I discovered that they had round mirrors too! etc, etc, etc. It’s not done yet, but I sure am having a lot of fun watching it come together!
Here’s a link to the preliminary sketch. And you can see the first two panels here.

09/11/07  Tuesday

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4 of Coins  Maat feather

New Moon in Virgo–September 11, 2007

Yep, putting up all the extra collards in the freezer, and I’m NOT going to share! And the calendula products are made and stored for the dry winter ahead. I’m bringing in and clearing out. Ebay is offering free listings this month, so the clutter that is actually worth something to someone is finding a good home, and I’m storing dollars for the coming winter and its holiday(s). I’m not a stockpiler. I figure they don’t call those places “stores” for nothing! When I need it, I’ll go get it. But I am a packrat. So I hope my focus on this card can help me be “thrifty” (i.e. make the best use) with what I need, and clean out the rest. And God grant me the wisdom to know the difference!

09/03/07  Monday

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2 of Coins  Maat feather

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini–September 3, 2007

Again, twilight, transition. While Temperance seems to me to represent the state or properties of the between, the 2 of Coins seems to represent the movement between. The boat is pictured at the crossing, but I know I am called upon to travel the whole path, around and around, again and again. There exists an order, but I must be prepared to be at any and all points at any and all times. I’m not just an individual; I’m a daughter, and a mother. Now is not just a moment; it’s yesterday’s tomorrow and tomorrow’s yesterday.

My life is divided–there’s a daytime me and a nighttime me, an American me and a Swiss me–but sometimes it’s flipped around, or both at once. Versatility is key to being whole.

08/28/07  Tuesday

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Princess of Coins  Maat feather

Full Moon in Pisces–August 28, 2007

I feel myself really drawn to this woman, as if she must be someone I know.

She is totally at home in her environment, her bare feet firmly on the ground. She is healthy and strong, although her life–like the yearly life of the sun–is “past its peak.” The ribbons on the beanpoles are reminiscent of the maypole; but they are simply the red of maturity (perhaps somewhat faded). Her life-long learning has become second nature to her, ripening into wisdom. She’s like a midwife to the earth, helping it bring forth its abundance. She is very practical, and also hospitable, offering food and drink to even the most stray passer-by. Everyone feels at home in her presence. By showing us the inside of the apple, she invites us to share in her multi-faceted satisfaction, and to discover our own.

08/23/07  Thursday

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Temperance  Maat feather

Full Moon Cycle of Pisces–August 23 to September 22, 2007

I think this more than any other Temperance card gives me a real feeling for what Julie calls “betwixt and between.” How I’m noticing that in my life right now is in the twilight. I’ve always loved twilight and been fascinated by the way it makes me feel. Dull colors look duller and bright colors (like my calendula, or evening primrose) really stand out. I get a sense of the blending of past, present and future. There’s a transition from activity to relaxation (at least in my family), but it’s just the opposite of the pattern of daily life, as vacation ends and we go back to work, school, etc. It’s so freaking liminal, right on up to Halloween. Then we reenter the dark quarter, when twilight lasts from sun-up to sun-down.

There is never an empty void between opposites or phases. It’s a mix, a spectrum as varied as that which exists between black and white. There’s a clue here too about the Philosopher’s Stone: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And the alchemy of Love binds it all together in perfect harmony. Read The Soul of Lilith by Marie Corelli.

08/12/07  Sunday

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7 of Coins  Maat feather

New Moon in Leo–August 12, 2007

Such an appropriate card for back to school! Summer vacation is over, and it’s back to work for everybody. And now that they’re out of my hair, there’s no more stalling my work either. I’ve been putting up veggies from the garden, and making calendula oil to go in a salve. Summer jobs for winter rewards. So I can relate to what Julie writes in her book, and don’t have any more to add. (But, isn’t that loaf a bit light for wheat bread?)

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