As I write this at the age of twenty-five, I've been living for more than two years in a two-hundred-foot-tall ancient redwood located on Pacific Lumber property. I have survived storms, harassment, loneliness, and doubt. I have seen the magnificence and the devastation of a forest older than almost any on Earth. I live in a tree called Luna. I am trying to save her life.
Believe me, this is not what I intended to do with my own.--p. 2

Pacific Lumber has not yet promised that Luna will be allowed to stand, and I will stay until they do. --p. 150

On December 18, 1999, a preservation agreement and deed of covenant to protect Luna and create a 200-foot buffer zone into perpetuity was documented and recorded.--p. 243

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The Legacy of Luna

We love with all that we have, even in the face of overwhelming hatred and violence, because we know love in action is the hope for our world.--p. 254


In blatant imitation of Julia's book, I dedicate this page to "the power of individuals committed to living their truth."
Read Julia's poem, "
Whose side are you on?"

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The Legacy of Luna by Julia Butterfly Hill. For more information, see Circle of Life.
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