X Wheel of Fortune

Alternate names: This is the most consistently-named Trump.

BASIC DESCRIPTION: A circle with T,A,R,O; Tetragrammaton; alchemical glyphs; symbols of the Gospel writers; four lines; and three creatures riding the wheel, that is, a sword-toting sphinx, a jackal-headed man, and a snake.
FIRST THING THAT STRUCK ME: There are three creatures riding the wheel, when all else is fours.
NUMBER: Ten is significant as both the end and beginning, and indicates cycles in our decimal-based world.
TIME: one cycle, such as a day or year

MEANINGS UPRIGHT: Destiny, fortune, success, elevation, luck, felicity. Chance, fate, opportunity. Turning point, upswing. Change of fortune, direction, circumstance, course, residence. Surprising turn of events, new developments. Time to get moving, increase the pace, get involved, spring into action. The Big Picture, patterns, cycles, spirals, connections, cosmic order, the cyclic nature of life and the universe, application of higher laws, laws of nature and probability. Increased perspective, expanded outlook, awareness of life's rhythms, discovering one's purpose, reflecting on how one's actions affect others. Karma, good work and deeds of the past are rewarded now. Repetition of experiences if one has not learned from them. Jackpot, efforts come to fruition, cycle of gain, everything works out.
ALSO: gambling and gaming

MEANINGS REVERSED: Increase, abundance, superfluity. Bad luck or fortune. Inevitability, lack of control, useless struggling against natural course of events. Turn for the worse, troubles. Consequences, paying for mistakes, bad deeds or unstable efforts in the past have come up to haunt you now. Hopes dashed, dreams trampled.

BIBLICAL: See Ecclesiastes 3:1-20
MYTHOLOGICAL: The hand of Fate turns the Wheel.
ASTROLOGICAL: (1) Jupiter--luck, expansion; (2) Libra--judge; (GD) Jupiter

ANIMAL; INSECT: salmon, frog; spider (w/web)
PLANTS/FLOWERS: 4-leaf clover, azalea

MUSIC: Rush, because their music is so full of changes.
PUBLIC PEOPLE: Pat Sajak (You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?)
OCCUPATIONS: game show emcee, dealer, mill worker, organ grinder, zookeeper?, bi- or motor-cyclist; carnie, investment/stock broker, day traders and any & all commodities traders

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: I prefer the Ancestral Path Wheel, as it reflects my idea of the "Wheel in the Sky" which is the Great Clock, ticking the same for us all.

QUOTES FROM OTHER SOURCES: "So upon Trinity Sunday at night, King Arthur dreamed a wonderful dream, and that was this: that him seemed he sat upon a chaflet in a chair, and the chair was fast to a wheel, and thereupon sat King Arthur in the richest cloth of gold that might be made; and the king thought there was under him, far from him, an hideous deep black water, and therein were all manner of serpents, and worms, and wild beasts, foul and horrible; and suddenly the king thought the wheel turned up-so-down, and he fell among the serpents, and every beast took him by a limb; and the king cried as he lay in his bed and slept, 'Help.'"--Le Morte d'Arthur; Book XXI, Chapter 3, p 510-11


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