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garden picture

"Aerial" view

garden picture


General shot of the garden. I finally made my beds, after much archeology and geneaology. I was removing stones the size of grapefruits and roots the size of carrots. I even found two potatoes! Like I told Steve, if I wanted to grow potatoes, I would *plant* them.
garden picture

Now we have planted sunflowers, rondini, pumpkin and zucchini, in that order. The "skid mark" in this picture is from Dave and Susi's cat, Kafka. He *loves* the freshly turned dirt!

Also in the lower left corner of this picture are the irises Heidi gave me. I doubt they will bloom this year (hers already are). There are some calendula seedlings in this area as well.

garden picturegarden picture


The strawberries are still in the clay pots. Susi planted small begonias and impatiens in this lower area.

garden picture


Susi in the garden, preparing to plant pumpkins.

garden picture

"Ground" view

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